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XL Hand Made Luxe Rose Quartz Eye Mask

Do you enjoy the feeling of a Luxe facial within a day spa? You can enjoy the same experience within the comfort of your own home with Skin Artisan's Unique XL Luxe Rose Quartz Eye Mask! Carefully handwoven with genuine high quality crystals this weighted eye mask visibly nourishes and assist in reversing the signs of ageing, a perfect way to provide a little more self love to the delicate eye area before, after or midway a facial. Lay back and get ready to elevate into a deep state of relaxation for the ultimate selflove experience.


Below is a list of benefits, some of these benefits will be seen instantly and some with regular use overtime:

  • Improves blood circulation for a visible reduction in dark circles and puffiness
  • Assists tightening and lifting the deepest cellular layers of the skin
  • Assists the release of tension and stress
  • Assists the skin's release of toxins by encouraging cell metabolism
  • Soothes and relaxes facial muscles around the eye area
  • Assists the fight against premature aging
  • Assists relief of sinus pressure
  • Assists closing pores
How to use
  1. Create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, light a candle, play some slow tunes and dim the lights. Get ready for some YOU TIME!
  2. After cleansing your face - or mid way a facial lay down and place the eye mask over your eyes.
  3. Try to ensure that you won't be interrupted. Start by taking deep breathes, with every single breath take the time to connect with your mindfulness, inhale and exhale. With every breath in, inhale positive thoughts and self love and with every breath out, exhale any negative thoughts and emotions for the ultimate release of tension, falling deeper into a state of love, peace and calm fullness with the power of Rose Quartz!
  4. Leave the eye mask on for up to 20 minutes.
  5. Remove the mask and apply a eye serum or eye cream to finish.

Here's a tip:

The colder the tool, the greater the boost of collagen production and circulation! You can store your beauty tools in the fridge before applying directly onto the skin.

Cleaning your beauty tool

To clean your eye mask, lightly damp a cotton pad or microfiber cloth in some warm water (squeeze out excess water) and gently wipe over the stone's to remove any product build up (do not drench the pad or towel). Gently pat dry and leave to air dry.

Do not use cleaning chemicals for your beauty tools. Do not place tools directly under running water.


Please note: Being a natural stone each skin care tool is unique and may slightly vary in colour and size.



Please note that there is no return or refund available for all SALE items.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Elegant Beauty

The elegance of this hand crafted mask is breathtaking!The mask was cool and soothing and not at all heavy on my face.
Whilst not your usual eye mask, I did find that it helped to depuff my eye bags! A really relaxing and different type of masking and overall a calming experience! Its a big yes from me!