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Luxe Facial Sculptor - Rose Quartz

The Skin Artisans Luxe Facial Sculptor in Rose Quartz features a unique 360-degree rotating ability that allows it to grip your facial muscles and tissues most effectively.
This design allows it to soothe your face with a deeper massage and provide even more lifting assistance.


Regular use will aid in:
Lymphatic drainage
Stimulating blood flow
Reducing puffiness


Renowned worldwide as the Stone Of Love, Rose Quartz has loving energy and can be pretty nourishing. Use the facial sculptor with your favorite moisturizer, facial oil, or serum to amplify its effects and leave your skin glowing and refreshed.
These genuine Rose Quartz gemstones may have variations in both their color and size.
    How to use
    • After cleansing your face - apply a facial serum or moisturizer from the forehead to the décolleté area.
    • Roll the tool over your face in an upwards and outwards direction using gentle to medium pressure, repeating each movement at least 5-6 times or more if desired.
    • Next, glide the roller down the sides of the face from the forehead to the décolleté area to drain any lymph fluid.


    We recommended daily use.


    Here's a tip:
    The colder the tool, the more significant the boost of collagen production and circulation! You can store your beauty tools in the fridge before applying them directly onto the skin.
    Cleaning your beauty tool
    To clean your tool, lightly damp a cotton pad or microfiber cloth in some warm water (squeeze out excess water) and gently wipe over the stone to remove any product build-up (do not drench the pad or towel). Gently pat dry and leave to air dry.


    Each skincare tool is unique and may slightly vary in color and size.
    Facial Sculptor - Rose Quartz - Skin Artisan
    Facial Sculptor - Rose Quartz - Skin Artisan Review Medals

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Shelby Golding
    Massage heaven

    I am obsessed with this roller! I honestly sit there and use it while watching a movie for like up to an hour sometimes and I know i over use it but it feels insanely good on my skin! Feels more like a massage in comparison to my normal face roller.

    Exceptional quality my favourite roller

    Price, quality of roller and unique selection of stones cannot be matched in Australia.. these guys went above and beyond to provide me with the best experience

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