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Rose Quartz Heart Gua Sha

Valentine's Day Rose Quartz Heart Gua Sha - Skin Artisan
Valentine's Day Rose Quartz Heart Gua Sha - Skin Artisan

Our Limited edition Heart Gua Sha

When used correctly, the Gua Sha can be a powerful beauty tool. This tool is for those who want to indulge in a little more "me time" as it requires more time in comparison to the facial roller. Connecting with every single deep breath this powerful tool goes deeper to release muscle tension and activate the lymphatic system. Our Natural Rose Quartz Heart Gua Sha also known as 'The Stone Of Love" is the perfect addition to any daily skincare ritual. The Gua Sha can assist with facial sculpting, along with many other beauty benefits listed below. Rose Quartz has a loving energy and can be quiet nourishing, it also helps in calming negative emotions. Best used with your favorite moisturizer or facial oil, this Gua Sha will leave your skin feeling refreshed with a luminous glow that we just can't get enough of!


Below is a list of benefits, some of these benefits will be seen instantly and some with regular use overtime:

  • Assists facial sculpting for natural definition/contouring
  • Helps Eliminate toxins
  • Assists with product penetration for ultimate results
  • A clearer and brightened complexion
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage
  • Improved blood circulation for a plumped luminous glow
  • Assists collagen stimulation
  • Relief for stress and tension headaches
  • Reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and fine expression lines
  • Reduction in puffiness
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Reduction to the visibility of dark circles under the eyes.
How to use
  1. Create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, light a candle, play some slow tunes and dim the lights. Get ready for some YOU TIME!
  2. After cleansing your face - apply a facial serum or moisturizer from forehead to décolleté area.
  3. Glide the tool across your face in an upwards and outwards direction using gentle to medium pressure, repeating each movement 5-6 times.
  4. Be sure to slow down every single movement, taking deep breathes with every single glide and taking time to connect with your mindfulness for the ultimate release of tension.
  5. Use the smaller curved edges to sculpt areas such as cheek bones and jawline and the larger side for areas such as the T zone.
  6. Next, glide the tool down the sides of the face from forehead to the décolleté area to drain any lymph fluid.

We recommended daily use to see an improvement in the listed benefits.

Here's a tip:

The colder the tool, the greater the boost of collagen production and circulation! You can store your beauty tools in the fridge before applying directly onto the skin.

Cleaning your beauty tool

To clean your tool, lightly damp a cotton pad or microfiber cloth in some warm water (squeeze out excess water) and gently wipe over the stone to remove any product build up (do not drench the pad or towel). Gently pat dry and leave to air dry.

Do not use cleaning chemicals for your beauty tools. Do not place tools directly under running water.


Please note: Being a natural stone each skin care tool is unique and may slightly vary in colour and size.

Valentine's Day Rose Quartz Heart Gua Sha - Skin Artisan
Valentine's Day Rose Quartz Heart Gua Sha - Skin Artisan

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