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Our Story

In today’s world, we need self-care more than ever — self-care that is practical and reliable. Everyone deserves self-care that refreshes the body and mind.

Skin Artisan is devoted to providing this essential self-care through our handcrafted beauty tools and cosmetics, unique and authentic tools to bring out an inner glow and help your true self shine. 
Launched in Sydney, Australia, in 2020, what started as a small family-run business has grown into one of the country’s leaders in beneficial beauty tools that combine high-quality and high-style in an array of products that positively impact lives.

Our innovative offerings, including face rollers made from authentic jade, rose quartz, amethyst, and a wide range of stones. An all-natural alternative to help boost your skincare routine. Each roller is carefully made with silicone inserts at the roller joints to prevent noise and result in a smoother, relaxing rolling experience. Dull skin, drab complexions, and puffiness will be things of the past with our line of stone tools.

You will feel refreshed and revived as soon as our rollers touch your skin. And with a line of face and eye masks, Skin Artisan is devoted to keeping your skin refreshed long term.

Our gua shas, made from an array of authentic healing stones, brings tried, true, and traditional Asian healing practices into the 21st century.
Skin Artisan’s organic skin line adds gentle additions to any skincare regimen, targeting damaging pollutants and reversing the signs of skin aging.

Our gorgeous crystal décor transforms any house, room or office, into a relaxing, calm space.

While we are still a small team, Skin Artisan’s passion for innovative and affordable skincare products is unmatched.
Our customers are — and forever will be — our No. 1 priority.
We’re dedicated to providing well-made, authentic, and rejuvenating beauty tools that are both a pleasure to use and instantly impactful.

With love and appreciation, 
Skin Artisan

Rose Quartz Face Roller

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