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Butterfly Gua Sha - Black Obsidian

Pamper your skin anytime with a stimulating and relaxing massage with Skin Artisan's Black Obsidian Butterfly Gua Sha.

Renowned around the world as the stone that shield's you against negativity.

Used with any moisturizer or oil, this essential Gua Sha leaves your skin glowing after every use, eliminating puffiness and leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.
Say goodbye to dull skin and fine lines as the Gua Sha contours your face, stimulating collagen production, brightening your complexion, and helping to relieve stress and headaches. Your skin will thank you.

    How to use

    • Create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, light a candle, play some slow tunes, and dim the lights. Get ready for some you time!
    • After cleansing your face - apply a facial serum or moisturizer from the forehead to the décolleté area.
    • Glide the tool across your face in an upwards and outwards direction using gentle to medium pressure, repeating each movement 5-6 times.
    • Be sure to slow down every single movement, taking deep breathes with every single glide and taking time to connect with your mindfulness for the ultimate release of tension.
    • Use the smaller curved edges to sculpt areas such as cheekbones and jawline and the larger side for regions such as the T zone.
    • Next, glide the tool down the sides of the face from the forehead to the décolleté area to drain any lymph fluid.
    We recommended daily use to see an improvement in the skins appearance.
    Here's a tip:
    The colder the tool, the more significant the boost of collagen production and circulation! You can store your beauty tools in the fridge before applying them directly onto the skin.

    Cleaning your beauty tool

    When cleaning your gua sha, use warm water on a soft cotton pad or microfiber cloth. Squeeze out any excess water, then wipe gently over the stone to remove any residue or build-up.
    Gently pat dry, and then leave the mask out to air dry.
    Each skincare tool is unique and may slightly vary in color and size.


    Black Obsidian Gua Sha - Skin Artisan
    Butterfly Gua Sha -  Black Obsidian - Skin Artisan
    Butterfly Gua Sha -  Black Obsidian - Skin Artisan
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Su Lee
    White Jade Butterfly Gua Sha

    "White Jade Butterfly Gua Sha - beautiful, comfortable, all the different sides of the butterfly is perfect for all the different angles of my face. I work from home, sitting in front of the computer all day, I have the White Jade Butterfly Gua Sha in my hand during the day & use it on my face. This product is STUNNING, my FAVORITE & highly recommended."


    I purchased all 3 citrine products and each one was absolutely stunning!

    Tabitha Hudson
    oh my god IN LOVE.

    I am absolutely obsessed with my citrine butterfly Gua Sha. I use it every morning & night as apart of a self care routine. It instantly relaxes me after a few seconds of uses it on my face. I’m noticing I’m carrying less tension around my temples and jaw which is incredible. Definitely recommend.


    Plump and firmer skin after using everyday for 2 weeks and incredible to look at, so pretty..

    Keira B

    One of my fav Gua Sha! With a good moisturizer it leaves my skin so soft

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