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Jade Eye Mask

The Skin Artisan Handmade Luxe Indian Jade Eye Mask is the confidence-boosting tool you have been waiting for. With this, you no longer need to wait or pay for the luxury of a spa experience. Instead, just lay the mask over your eye area whenever you get the chance to relax. No training necessary.
The genuine crystals have been carefully and masterfully handwoven to create a weighted eye mask that will:
Nourish the sensitive skin around your eyes
Relieve tension, stress, and pressure
This mask is perfect to use to boost your facial, regardless of whether you use it before, during, or after. Your face is going to love this extra bit of care, and you are going to love the results!

    How to use

    • Using the Luxe Eye Mask is easy, and it can be done at any convenient time. You can even boost your facial by adding the eye mask in the middle of your process.
    • Set up a relaxing environment by lighting candles, playing gentle music, and keeping the lights comfortably dim. Do whatever you need to make the experience enjoyable for you!
    • Lay down and place the mask over your eyes.
    • While you are resting, take deep breaths. Practice mindfulness as you inhale and exhale, taking in positive thoughts like self-love and relieving yourself of negative thoughts and emotions. This will help you relieve tension and fall deeper into a relaxed state full of love, peace, and calmness.
    • Use the eye mask for up to 20 minutes before removing it.
    • Afterward, you can use an eye serum or eye cream to lock in all the benefits of your session.
    • Boost your experience by storing your Eye Mask in the fridge before applying it to your skin. The coolness will help increase collagen production and circulation.

    Care Instructions

    When cleaning your eye mask, use warm water on a soft cotton pad or microfiber cloth. Squeeze out any excess water, then wipe gently over the stone to remove any residue or build-up.
    Gently pat dry, and then leave the mask out to air dry.
    Each skincare tool is unique and may slightly vary in color and size. Review Medals

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Olivia Y

    The eye mask exceeded my expectations by far! At just a great price tag I can't fault it!

    Dima Merhi

    Amazing quality

    Amethyst eye mask

    Beautiful and so lovely to use when relaxing thoroughly recommend for me time

    Rachel P
    Rose Quartz Eye Mask

    Purchased the eye mask in rose quartz and very satisficed so beautiful and a feeling like no other on the skin

    Shannon E

    I'm obsessed with my eye mask

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