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Jade Face Mask

The Skin Artisan Handmade Luxe Indian Jade Face Mask will leave you with a glowing, rejuvenated face. If you have been looking for a reusable face mask option, look no further; this will outperform any masks you have used before.


The genuine crystals have been carefully and masterfully handwoven to create a luxurious face mask that will:
Encourage bright, glowing skin
Reduce premature aging
Relieve tension, stress, and pressure


No matter what you need, using this handmade Face Mask is sure to make you feel like a goddess anytime you need. Every time you use it, your skin will be left soothed and refreshed; you will also feel more relaxed overall.


Please note that this handwoven face mask uses genuine crystals. A variation in the color, size, and shape of the stones is to be expected.

    How to use

    • Using the Luxe Face Mask is easy. Improve the effects of your facial by using the face mask to help the products penetrate deeper.
    • Use candles, music, and lighting to create a relaxing environment. Do whatever you need to set up the ultimate Luxe experience!
    • Before you lay the mask on your face, you might want to place a tissue on the bridge of your nose. This will prevent any temporary indents left from the gentle weight of the mask.
    • Lay the mask on your face, then take deep breaths. With each breath intake in positive thoughts and breathe out negative thoughts and emotions. This helps you relieve tension and relax.
    • Use the face mask for up to 20 minutes.
    • Use a facial serum or cream after for greater benefits.
    • Storing your Face Mask in the fridge will boost the effects. The coolness will help increase collagen production and circulation.

    Care Instructions

    When cleaning your face mask, use warm water on a soft cotton pad or microfiber cloth. Squeeze out any excess water, then wipe gently over the stone to remove any residue or build-up.
    Pat gently with a dry cloth, and then leave the mask out to dry.
    Each skincare tool is unique and may slightly vary in color and size.
    Indian Jade Face Mask - Skin Artisan
    Indian Jade Face Mask - Skin Artisan

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews
    Jazzy Campbell
    Super Mask

    Absolutely LOVE my rose quartz mask. Exquisitely made with real stones. So healing for the skin. The weight just relaxes me completely into sleep. I have popped it in the fridge a couple of times now and placed it on my face and it is so cooling and regenerative. Absolutely love it - definitely going to grab the eye mask too for travel. Great service and top packaging! Thank you!!

    Lindriaty Le Guen
    Rose Quartz mask

    That's is perfect mask with the cooling sensation specially for sensitive skin.

    Victoria A
    Stunning plus quality

    Really beautifully made mask with proper quality rose quartz stone- I know my crystals and these are gorgeous! The pink hues and the cool to the touch feel you get from these sewn together gemstone full face cover really give your skin the much needed ‘time off’ from everyday stressors. Lie back and enjoy 20 mins of ‘me’ time and you can get on with the rest of your day like you’ve just had a relaxing facial. Or save it for the evening and relax into your nighttime routine. Australian made - so I feel good about supporting an Australian business also. Deserves 10 stars for the quality and reasonable price.

    Beautiful, luxuriously weighted face mask

    This face mask is refreshing to wear after being put in the fridge to chill first. There is no compromise on the quality of this product; you will be able to feel the 10/10 quality as soon as you pick it up and sense the luxurious weight of this beautiful, shiny face mask!

    Pure heaven

    This mask is absolute heaven. Super cooling and relaxing for these hot Perth nights. But the real magic is the gentle weighted soothing energy that emanates from it. It is so comforting for anxiety…placed over your heart or stomach…and feel it melt away. It is so wonderful for kids too!! And the mask is well made of beautiful rose quartz. Highly, highly recommend.

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