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How to use a Jade Roller

How to use a Jade Roller
The five steps you need to follow to use your jade roller correctly include:
  • Prepping your skin
  • Starting with your neck
  • Moving to your face
  • Targeting your eye area
  • Cleaning your jade roller
Jade rollers are an easy way to target issues like puffiness and dullness. Take the time to read through and make sure you are using your jade roller properly.
Prep Work
Before you use your jade roller, you should make sure your skin is clean. Use a facial cleanser to get rid of any dirt or excess sebum. This will keep the roller clean and prevent it from spreading these things across your face.
Jade rollers are also fantastic at product distribution, so you can add things like a serum, face oils, moisturizer, or night cream before you use your roller. This will ensure even distribution.
You can store your jade roller in a refrigerator before use, but this is not necessary. A cooler roller is more of a matter of preference.
Start With Your Neck
The first area you should target is your neck. This is important for clearing lymph passages before working on your face.
Target areas like the sides of your neck and your jawline. These spots will hold the most tension and inhibited circulation.
Gently press the roller to the base of your neck and move upwards, finishing at your chin. Repeat as you feel necessary.
Move to Your Face
Once you are satisfied with the work you have done on your neck, you can move to your face. You may need to use a gentler touch than on your neck to avoid agitating your skin and rupturing capillaries, so work with caution until you are comfortable.
Start at your chin and moving outward to your ear. You can also roll upwards to your cheekbone in the same motion. You should also specifically work with high tension areas like your forehead and temples.
Regardless of the area, you are working in, start from the center and move up and out toward your ears or hairline. This will limit any downward pull on your skin, and it will help stretch any sagging outward.
Target Eye Area
If you have a double-sided jade roller, you can use the smaller side to target any spots around your eyes that need attention, like dark circles or puffiness.
Roll from the inner corner of your eye outward. The skin here is even more sensitive than other areas of your face, so you need to take care when applying pressure. However, in most cases, the weight of the roller will be enough.
How to use a Jade roller
Clean Your Jade Roller
Cleaning your jade roller after using it protects the natural finish of the stone and prevents you from adding grime to your face the next time you use it.
Use a gentle cleanser to remove any residue or dirt from the roller. Consider Cetaphil if you do not have a mild facial cleanser you already use. If you want a cheaper option, you can also use baby shampoo.
Rinse the roller with warm water, and then roll it out on a towel to dry before putting it away. 
Final Thoughts
Using a jade roller can do wonders for your face, but only if used correctly. It would help if you always started with your neck before addressing issues in your face. For best results, stick to the up and out motion mentioned, and you are sure to see immediate results.


How to use a Jade Roller

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